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Striped Wall/Spy Caps

To anyone who still uses Striped Wall/Spy Caps:

Dreamhost has decided that hosting the screencap gallery is against their policies, so the site is no more. It was a good run. Thanks!

Layout: Flagging

In case you missed it, Livejournal launched a new feature to flag adult content. Right now, the Robber's Daughter layout does not have this feature in the entry navigation. Thus, poll. I'll leave this going for about a week.

Poll #1097891 Flagging Feature

Do you want flagging added to the entry navigation?

Other (Please comment.)

(Subscribe to my posts with the Robber's Daughter layout tag.)

FYI: Layout Stuff

During to the LJ outage, some people got bumped back to Generator. I asked at the maintenance post if we should try to recover or wait it out, and they said to try switching.

Here is my post from when we had to switch back to RD before.


Unfortunately, it does think I am using RD, unlike last time when it thought I was using Generator and would auto-revert back to Generator no matter what I tried, so this time I don't know if that fix will work. I may try switching to something new and right back again. Let's see if that works. Nope.

My Support Ticket. I suggest you submit one, too, if you are having the same problem, so they can see what servers/clusters it seems to be a problem on.

Edit (8PM): Resolved! Sweet. I didn't have to do anything. LJ worked it out this time.

*icon love* (Latest episode of The Office spoilers?)

Layout: Code-push, known issue

If you are seeing "as_string() call failed" on your pages where a community name should show up, don't fret. It's a known issue with the LJ code push today.

ETA: It should be fixed now. Thanks for the quick fix, LJ!

While I am at it, I added tracking to the entry navigation in the layout code. I don't know that anyone was missing it, but it's there now. Plus, did you know you can track any posts I make with the Robber's Daughter tag? That way you don't have to friend me, check back here, or anything! LJ will notify you. Just choose to be notified whenever I post an entry with that tag. (It should be the second in that list, and find the tag in the dropdown.

P.S. New graphics journal! onthedial onthedial onthedial

All of my graphics posts will be there from now on. I've already posted new Veronica Mars, The Office, Alias, and Arrested Development icons. Requests are open, too.

Layout: Bug Fixed?

Thank goodness! I updated yesterday's post thanks to a tip from nnaylime to check out LJ Support. They recommended saving your Layer code, try switching back, and see if everything comes back.

In my case? It did. (Thank goodness! I was really going buggy not being able to read posts with my normal setup, lol.) I hope it does for you guys, too. =)

ETA: This isn't as easy as a dropdown choice for you guys since you don't 'own' the layout layer.

1. Go to your Layers, find the layer that is the Child of layer 1989970, click Edit, and copy/paste that code into Notepad to save in case.
2. Go to your Styles, click Edit on the bolded one. This assumes you haven't changed your style since the bug started. If you have, click Edit on the style that WAS your Robber's Daughter style.
3. From the Layout dropdown, choose Other. A new textbox will appear asking for the Layerid. Enter 1989970 and click Change.
4. In the User dropdown, it should recognize the last User layer you were using with Robber's Daughter. If not, click the dropdown to see if it's in there. If it's not in there, choose Other and type in the numer of the Child layer from Step 1.
5. Click Save Changes and see if it all comes back.

I just successfully brought back tiggz's layout, so I know it can be done. =)

kill kill (I'm sick, forgive the whining.)

For the first time in the three or whatever years on LJ, my layout has been destroyed by the Generator bug. I do not LIKE it. *whine*

ETA: While everyone is stopping by (hi layout lurkers!) to see what is going on, catch up with Veronica Mars. Why yes, I am using this shared misery to pimp out the show. Thank you very much.

UPDATE: I submitted a support request a few hours ago. Here is the response for now:

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. You're experiencing a bug we've been trying to identify and resolve for a while -- unfortunately, we haven't been able to find any possible cause for why it's happening, and without being able to find the cause, we've been unable to fix it.

We have a number of people working on this problem tonight, so can I ask you not to change anything else on your journal's customization until at least tomorrow evening? By leaving your journal the way it is now, we may be able to capture some additional data that might help us troubleshoot the problem, and may lead to a solution for everyone.

We do hope we'll be able to automatically restore your settings for you, but at this point, honestly, we're not sure whether we will be or not. One of our volunteers will return to your request and give you an update when we have any additional information. Again, I'm very sorry for the trouble.

So, in theory, if I don't change anything, they can capture some information from my journal. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like they expect to figure it out anytime soon. If you switch to another layout, you should be able to switch back and not lose your customizations. What I recommend doing is going to your Layers, find the one that is a child of Robber's Daughter because it is the one that you most recently used with Robber's Daughter (it probably says Auto-generated Customizations in the name column), click Edit, copy and paste that code into Notepad and save it somewhere. Then, you can switch your layout to something worth looking out and not worry about losing your customizations when you switch back to RD when the bug is fixed. In theory, you shouldn't lose the last settings you had with a layout style, but just in case, save that code in Notepad somewhere.

UPDATE Thursday AM: Thanks for the heads-up, nnaylime.

LJ Support post regarding this issue. They are recommending that you save your styles and layers and try switching back. I will give it a go and see what happens. When I tried that yesterday, it immediately flipped back to Generator.

Layout Update: Tags in Sidebar

Hey kids, I want to have my tags organized in the sidebar. You know, that nifty thing where you have them in an organized list type thing? Is anyone opposed to this change? =)

See neptune_video if you don't know what I mean exactly. You have your tags like this "tv: veronica mars." The code checks for a delimiter (in this case : ) and splits them up based on that.

So, if I had tv: alias, tv: veronica mars, and tv: supernatural my list would look like this:

  • tv
    • alias

    • supernatural

    • veronica mars

ETA: Okay, I've experimented and placed it on my layout, which is still spoilery for Dr. Who. ;-) (roniabirk)

CSS Stuff
.box_header = class for headers in sideboxes and elsewhere. Previously they did not have a class. This annoyed me.
.firstItem = class for tags at the first level. It is on the LI element.
.subTag = class for tags at the second level. It is on the LI element.
#tag_list = ID of the DIV containing the tag list.
.tagList = class for the main UL.

Layout: LJ Nav Strip

I added the nav strip to the layout. Personally, I don't like it. I have all the links I need in my layout. I know what journals I am visiting, I have my filters how I want them, etc. But, it's there for people who want it. You turn it on or off by editing your personal info.

For CSS, this is what it prints in your source code:

HTML TagID or Class
#Greeting .nopic

Keep it?

Layout: Local time in Comments

I added support for local time in comments. It has a little bit of information pop-up when you mouseover the time and stay there for a moment. If a user does not have their local time set in their profile, then I think it gives them a default time zone.

I didn't add a custom function so it can be pretty-fied. Let me know what you think.

I'm here, somewhat caught up on the flist, now I think I'll go finish off S4 of Angel. Connor not as annoying this time around. Cordy? Oh my, yes, annoying. Is it her now? Is it really her now? Was it EVER her? Argh. Love "Spin the Bottle" + commentary. That is all.

Layout: Phone Post glitch

The glitch in the layout due to a change of the phone/voice posts has been fixed. To the best of my knowledge, at least. Glad to say my custom layout was not the only one affected. Lots of basic styles were too. Just check the support board. ;-)

Let me know IN THIS POST if you still find problems.

P.S. The stylesheet class of the table is "ljphonepost" in case anyone is interested in fiddling with that in their stylesheets.

Once again, I'm not here as of right now ...

Layout Update: CSS Cleaner

As a follow-up to this post, I have been going through and fixing things. You want to know why it broke? For your default choices on the Easy screen, I don't list those in the dropdown choices as an override value. Why would I? If you are clicking 'override' you don't want the default value, so save code space and don't include them! Well, because I didn't have them in there, but later tried to define them, the LJ cleaner said 'No way.' Neat trick, huh? Not really.

So, I've added the default values to the dropdowns, and I believe that has fixed everything. If not, please comment here with any bugs you are still seeing.


P.S. If you want the body of your posts to wrap around your userpic, just add the .entrytext { width: 98% } to your overrides and leave off the overflow-x part. That's what causes the text to be written over the image with the newest version of Firefox.

Layout: CSS Cleaner

No, I was not tinkering this time.

LJ pushed their CSS cleaning code. It left half of the conditional statements alone and didn't like the other half. Don't ask me why. I don't know. I adjusted the CSS portion of the code a bit, and I think I found and fixed the ones it was removing.

PLEASE post all items that are still getting cleaned to this post ONLY.

Edit: I feel like I am noticing a longer load time, too. Let me know if that is just my imagination.

Also? This isn't the only style affected, believe me.

You might also just try going to the easy customize page and click edit and check everything and click save to see if that helps work out any bugs.

We are currently accepting praise and kudos in the form or chocolate, cookies, Dreamhost gift certificates, or other tasty treats. :-p

Layout Question: Tags

Would you guys rather have the tab list in the sidebar display one tag per line or just the way it is?

Feedback on the tag feature is open NOW. Let me know what changes you want to see to the layout for TAGS, and I will get on it.

Edit: Okay, plenty of immediate response that you guys like it as is. I'll just leave it. :)

Edit #2: Okay, I lied. I modified the "Text" tab so you can specify the separator between Tags, and HTML is valid, so you could technically make the separator be a line break. =) To set the height/scroll stuff, just do that in the CSS Overrides for #tag_list.

For example, right now I have a line break as my separator, and I use the Overrides to right-align my tags.

Layout Update: Tags

Okay, I got sick of waiting to find out if spaces in tags was a bug or something that is going to be fixed because I could swear it was working before. I modified my code for "Robber's Daughter" to replace the "+" with "%20" (that's HTML for a space in a URL) so the tag links would work. Better than trying to change them all to have no spaces. Yuck.

Layout Update: Mailing List | Big Images | Wrapping

Good morning! Do you guys have lots of new bugs for me today? Sorry about all the quirks in the code-changing yesterday, but I think I have them worked out now.

I was spending time this morning working on getting Mozilla and IE to behave together. Now, when someone posts a long string of text or super big image:

  • They BOTH should add the appropriate scrollbars, preventing the layout from breaking.
  • You DO NOT need to use the CSS Overrides to achieve this like before.
  • IE will properly wrap text around the userpic instead of bumping it down like it did before.

Please let me know if this is not true for you. It always seems like I've gotten the browsers and CSS to play nice, but then something is missed.

Mailing List
In case you didn't know, I do have a mailing list for Robber's Daughter. You can subscribe/unsubscribe here.

Quick Reference
I will be moving to use Tags more than the Memories from here on out. In case you want to bookmark or link to the Tag, here is the link: layout.

I will be going through the old posts and removing out of date information and editing or deleting irrelevant posts. As always, if you have questions that aren't answered in the FAQs or find some new bugs, please comment. Thanks!

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